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Islamic Love Quotes | Jalal al-Din Rumi

These love quotes from famous Islamic poet Jalal al-Din Rumi will make you fall into the ocean of love and emotions. He writes and expresses his emotions in such a way that we can totally reflect on his feelings as those words are coming from his heart. Share with your beloved ones, Jazakallahu khairan.

love quotes - rumi |

“From the beginning of my life, I have been looking for your face, but today I have seen it.”

“In your light, I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”

“Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” 

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” 

love quotes - rumi |

“The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was.”

“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.
You feel it, don’t you?”

“A thousand half-loves must be forsaken to take one whole heart home.” 

“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.” 

love quotes - rumi |

“I have phrases and whole pages memorized, but nothing can be told of love.

You must wait until you and I are living together.”

“Farewell is only for those who love his eyes, but those who love” his spirit “and his heart there is any separation” never.”

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

“I closed my mouth and spoke to you in a hundred silent ways.”

love quotes - rumi |

“When the sweet glance of my true love caught me, Like alchemy, it changed my copper-like soul.

I searched for Him with a thousand hands, He stretched out His arms and clutched my feet”

“A mountain keeps an echo deep inside. That’s how I hold your voice.”

“No better love than love without a lover, It is not better than good work without an end. “

“A lover is always accused of something. But when he finds his love, whatever was lost
in the looking comes back completely changed.”

love quotes - rumi |

“When you find yourself with the Beloved,  embracing for one breath,

At that moment you will find your true destiny. Alas, don’t spoil this precious moment. Moments like this are very, very rare.”

“The power of love came into me,
and I became fierce like a lion,
then tender like the evening star.”

“All things become clearer when interpreted, But this love is clearer when it has no explanations… “

“Every time your spouse or lover says something stupid makes your eyes light up as if you
just heard something brilliant.” 

love quotes - rumi |

“Your love lifts my soul from the body to the sky and you lift me up out of the two worlds.

I want your sun to reach my raindrops, So your heat can raise my soul upward like a cloud.”

“Remember. The way you make love is the way God will be with you.”

“I am your moon and your moonlight too. I am your flower garden and your water too.
I have come all this way, eager for you without shoes or shawl”

“And to know that love is completely silent … and that there are no words to describe”

love quotes - rumi |

“Today I have found you and those who laughed and scorned me yesterday are sorry that they were not looking as I did”

“Lovers find secret places inside this violent world where they make transactions with beauty.”

“I choose to love you in silence… For in silence I find no rejection,
I choose to love you in loneliness… For in loneliness no one owns you but me,
I choose to adore you from a distance… For distance will shield me from pain,
I choose to kiss you in the wind… For the wind is gentler than my lips,
I choose to hold you in my dreams… For in my dreams, you have no end.” 

“I will soothe you and heal you, I will bring you roses.
I too have been covered with thorns.”

love quotes - rumi |

“You are the Essence of the Essence, the intoxication of Love.

I long to sing Your Praises but stand mute with the agony of wishing in my heart”

“I once had a thousand desires. But in my one desire to know you all else melted away.”

“I will be waiting here… For your silence to break,
For your soul to shake, For your love to wake!”

“Love comes with a knife, not some shy question, and not with fears for its reputation!” 

love quotes - rumi |

“Today I have seen the charm, the beauty,

the unfathomable grace of the face that I was looking for”

“Gamble everything for love, if you’re a true human being.”

“Do not leave me, hide in my heart like a secret, wind around my head like a turban.
I come and go as I please, you say, “swift as a heartbeat.”
You can tease me as much as you like but never leave me.”

“Your heart is the size of an ocean. Go find yourself in its hidden depths.”

love quotes - rumi |

“My heart has burned with passion and has searched forever for this wondrous beauty that I now behold”

“I am yours. Don’t give myself back to me.”

“This is how I would die into the love I have for you: 
As pieces of cloud  dissolve in sunlight.”

“She loved him so much she concealed his name in many phrases, the inner meanings known only to her.”

love quotes - rumi |

“People want you to be happy’ don’t keep serving them your pain.

If you could untie Your wings and free your soul of jealousy.

You and everyone around You Would fly up like doves”

“For without you, I swear, the town has become like a prison to me.
Distraction and the mountain and the desert, all I desire.”

“Love is the cure, for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain
until your eyes constantly exhale love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.”

“To live without you is to be robbed of love and what is life without it?
To live without you is death to me, my love but some call it life.”

love quotes - rumi |

“She shines inside us, visible- invisible as we trust or lost trust or feel it start to grow again,”

“I want to be where your barefoot walks because maybe before you step, you’ll look at the ground. I want that blessing”

“You and I have spoken all these words, but for the way we have to go, words are no preparation. I have one small drop of knowing in my soul. Let it dissolve in your ocean” 

“I am so close, I may look distant.
So completely mixed with you, I may look separate.
So out in the open, I appear hidden.
So silent, because I am constantly talking with you.”

love quotes - rumi |

“When I am with you, we stay up all night. When you’re not here, I can’t go to sleep. Praise God for those two insomnias! And the difference between them.”

“Have you ever gotten breathless before from a beautiful face,
for I see you there, my dear.”

“A lover asked his beloved, Do you love yourself more than you love me?
Beloved replied, I have died to myself and I live for you.
I’ve disappeared from myself and my attributes, I am present only for you.
I’ve forgotten all my learnings, but from knowing you I’ve become a scholar.
I’ve lost all my strength, but from your power I am able.
I love myself…I love you. I love you…I love myself.”

“Some nights stay up till dawn,  as the moon sometimes does for the sun. 
Be a full bucket pulled up the dark way of a well, then lifted out into the light.”

love quotes - rumi |
love quotes - rumi |
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