mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

Mufti Menk | Quotes on Life 100+

Ismail Ibn Musa Menk is one of the most famous scholars of our generation. Mufti Menk has nearly 1.2 Million followers on Instagram and over 4 Million followers on Twitter.

Clearly, Mufti Menk is one of the most influential people in Islamic society. He is a great speaker his speeches on Life, Love, Marriage, Halal & Haram from reference to the Quran and Sunnah of Prophet(PBUH) has gained him so much respect and love from the audiences all over the world. Here are some of his messages to all of us. Share with your beloved ones, Jazakallahu Khiran.

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mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#1 Be careful about giving your heart fully to someone else other than the Almighty. Everyone can hurt you but only He can heal you. So be wise, have realistic expectations and protect your heart as best you can from those who are too quick to profess their love for you.

#2 One of the biggest flaws in humans is pretending to be blind to their own shortcomings but they’re the first to jump down someone’s throat when others make a mistake. Learn to be more self-critical instead of pointing fingers. Leave the judging to the fairest Judge of all!

#3 Embrace the pain in your life. It’s a necessary part of your growth. It strengthens you. It deepens your faith. It brings you closer to the Almighty. It builds character. It teaches you to worship instead of worry. It’s never easy but the rewards are great. Bear patience!

#4 They say old habits die hard. Do not go back to your old ways, no matter what you’re experiencing in life. Toxic habits, negative people & negative energy always tend to come back when you are doing better in life. Satan will see to that. Don’t fall into the trap. Stay focused!

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#5 Worried. Stressed. Frustrated. Depressed. The solution to all that can be found in prayer. In prostration. Seek the Almighty and you’ll find the greatest comfort. That’s the best antidote you need for stressed souls and aching hearts. You only have to reach out to Him.

#6 Your journey will often be distracted by people’s opinions. Don’t let it consume you. Be honest with yourself. Purify your intention. It makes it easier for you to handle what others think. Besides, it’s not your reputation the Almighty is after. He looks at your heart.

#7 There’s no way you can see & correct your own sins & weaknesses if you’re focused on criticizing others. Remember, you’re accountable for all your actions. The Almighty will ask you about what you’ve done, not about what others have done. Save yourself by focusing on yourself.

#8 Many think that marriage is magical and that love can change all your woes. When it fades or leaves, at least from time to time, they think that means the marriage should end. Wrong! Marriages take work. They don’t happen by magic and don’t stay alive without investing in them.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#9 When we feel rejected, misunderstood and let down by people, it’s the Almighty teaching us a valuable lesson. Remember the wisdom in all that. When you depend on others, expect to be let down. That’s the nature of humans. We should really be depending on Him for everything!

#10 We live in a world where we want things immediately. But, all around us, the Almighty teaches us a profound lesson that everything is a process and takes time. You will not always see the fruits of your labor right away. Maybe not even in your lifetime. Don’t get discouraged.

#11 Don’t think that you can make yourself happy by bringing misery to other people. You can’t. It doesn’t work that way. The Almighty is fully aware and He knows what’s going on. If you want happiness, make others happy and you’ll feel the ripple effect of that happiness as well.

#12 Don’t be sad to the extent that we think nobody could possibly be in a worse situation than what we’re facing now. That’s not true. Always look at those who are in far worse situations than ourselves when we’re feeling hopeless and depressed.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#13 Every pain, every stress, every hardship that you’re going through won’t matter one day. That one day when everything stops and all that matters is how you’ve lived your life. So don’t wait till you’re older to get close to the Almighty. Nobody is promised tomorrow. Start now!

#14 The world will teach you to never be satisfied; always wanting more. It’s one of the biggest traps of Satan. It’s so widespread that people have forgotten to appreciate what they have. Always uneasy, thinking of the next thing even before they can appreciate what they have.

#15 It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been going in the wrong direction, all it takes is one move, one jolt, and the Almighty can turn you around again. Heed the signs. Trust Him completely and your heart will be at ease. He is the ultimate guide.

#16 The Almighty can fix anything and everything that’s broken. No matter how bad it is, He can put it back together; even if it’s shattered into smithereens. Don’t let your life problems overwhelm you. He can mend it no matter how impossible you think it is.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#17 If you want to change, it’s best to do it in small steps. Giant leaps may not last. Remember, nothing is easy. No quick fix solutions. Work at it & seek help from the Almighty. Ask Him to guide you. Rely on Him because if there’s anyone who can help you, it’s the One who made you.

#18 Feeling comfortable in your faith and thinking you’ve arrived is a dangerous thing. You may start looking down on those who don’t appear to be pious. Remember, no one knows what lies in the hearts of others. Leave such things to the Almighty. Constantly seek to better yourself.

#19 Many are prone to overthinking. They carry on running conversations inside their heads all day. Thoughts about one situation overlap thoughts about another & they return to them over & over again. Stop feeding your mind negative thoughts & self-doubt. It’s the act of Satan.

#20 If you’re constantly on edge, tense and irritable, always complaining about the slightest thing, low on tolerance and upset with people around you, be wary. These are signs of weak faith. Learn to cultivate more patience and tolerance in your life.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#21 Accept the fact that people will come & go in your life. The Almighty will send those you’d never thought you’d meet. He’ll take away people you never thought you’d lose. It’s all part of His Plan & the lessons He wants you to learn. Remember, what’s meant for you will be yours.

#22 Don’t judge others just because you’ve heard what they’ve done. Always give people a chance to prove themselves. It’s the least you can do and not have preconceived ideas planted in your mind. Remember, the Almighty can move hearts. He guides whom He wills anytime.

#23 Failure is something we’ve all experienced. Just because you occasionally fall to the ground does not mean you are defeated. But if you stay down & don’t get back up, life will keep pushing you to the ground. Your setbacks are a test from the Almighty. Pick yourself up. Move on.

#24 Be mindful of the company you keep. They could be the cause of your unhappiness or even downfall. If they’re overly focused on appearance, trappings of this word & social media, you could slowly be drawing yourself away from what should be your focus in life, the Almighty.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#25 Learn not to get upset when people say bad things about you. Don’t waste your energy with negative emotions. They will only drain you. Remember, people won’t bother about those who aren’t making an impact in life! Continue doing what you do best & let others say what they will.

#26 Don’t worry when things don’t work out. If you’ve tried your best & it doesn’t work then let it go. Free yourself from worries & pain by relying only on the Almighty. Just be patient, your time is yet to come. The Almighty knows your struggles. He hears your prayers.

#27 Stay away from those who constantly ask and gossip about others as well as those who love to discuss people’s flaws. These are traits disliked greatly by the Almighty. Try advising such people privately and show them more meaningful activities. Remember, choose friends wisely.

#28 It’s easy to wallow in self-pity and look at everything that’s wrong in your life. Try this instead. Pray to the Almighty for a fresh start in any area of your life. Let go of that which is bad for your heart. Start anew. Receive blessings.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#29 When you become excessively dependent on someone, the Almighty will either remove or detach you from that person just to show you where your strength lies. Yes, we all need people in our lives but never as much as we need the Almighty! He’s the only One who won’t disappoint!

#30 In our bid to solve problems, we sometimes create even bigger problems. Repairing a burst pipe requires glue. Using a drill will destroy whatever remains of the pipe. Be wary. In a fit of rage, we may cause greater loss to ourselves instead of resolving the issue we’re facing.

#31 Insulting others is never a way of correcting them. Instead, it causes more damage & proves that we need to help ourselves.

#32 Always remember, with the Almighty, nothing is impossible. Change your mindset and start becoming optimistic and confident when you ask Him for whatever you want. Stop being pessimistic and think of the worst. Don’t pay lip service and say you trust Him. Put it into practice.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#33 Don’t give up now. You’ve come this far. The difficult days will make way for happier days soon enough. Remember, nothing lasts. So when you see a day where you think you can’t possibly get out of bed to face the world, don’t worry or panic. Better and brighter days are ahead.

#34 So your friend got something you’ve been asking the Almighty for a long while. There’s no need to be jealous. That’s one of the biggest tests of faith. What is yours will get to you sooner or later? Don’t let grudge and hatred build in your heart over material possessions.

#35 When life gets hard it’s easy to think of the worst & stop dreaming of good things because it feels like they are unachievable. You’ll get days when you want to quit. But firm faith & the belief that after hardship, there’ll be ease, should see you through your journey.

#36 He is never angry or fed up of your supplication or call upon Him. The tweet is about never giving up on supplication. Don’t think that the Almighty gets angry at your call so he won’t hear you. However, we firmly believe in the qualities of anger and happiness of the Almighty.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#37 You’re disappointed not because of other people’s behavior but because of your own expectations. Accept the fact that people will let you down. Time and again. They’ll show you their true colors eventually. Learn to expect only from the One who made you. He always delivers.

#38 Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare your own progress in life. How you were before to how you are today; your former self to your present self. If you have made progress and you’re doing your best to stay on the straight path, you’re on the right track! Keep going.

#39 Doing the right thing when it’s difficult is not an easy task. It requires firm faith & strong conviction. But you will reap benefits, blessings & rewards from the Almighty; not just in this life, but the Hereafter as well. So when the going gets tough, strive even harder!

#40 When you wake each day, be sure to thank the Almighty. Thank Him for giving you another go at life. You’d have nothing without Him. The air you breathe, the heart that beats, the blood flowing through your veins are all gifts from Him. Learn to shut negativity out. Be grateful.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#41 When you feel low & depressing thoughts seem to get you down, keep a smile on your face. Thank the Almighty you’re alive. Seek forgiveness because regardless of your condition, someone is worse than you. Be grateful to Him upon all conditions & He will increase your sustenance.

#42 It’s easy to think the worst of something. In fact. it comes naturally to many. To think the best requires faith. Especially when things look bleak. That’s the Almighty testing you to see how you’ll respond. Do you crumble & throw in the towel or do you press on and trust Him?

#43 In this age where people are conditioned to look ‘perfect’, have the courage to be yourself; to be real and not fake things about yourself just to fit into an image. Be authentic, be sincere and the Almighty will open doors for you which you never imagined before.

#44 When you supplicate to the Almighty, never for a moment think that He might be tired of listening to you. He loves it when you ask Him. He is never angry or fed up. He knows how much you need Him. He is ever ready to listen. Nothing is impossible for Him. So keep asking.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#45 You need to understand this. When someone betrays you, it’s a blessing. Imagine going through life not knowing that someone had a bad intention towards you. It’s the Almighty’s way of exposing them. Be grateful and move on. It won’t be easy but remember it could have been worse!

#46 When we do good things, most of the time, we’re hoping to get some recognition and appreciation from others. But if we purify our intention and do something solely for the sake of the Almighty, the rewards are beyond our imagination. No matter how small the deed, He knows.

#47 Think good thoughts. Be good & do good. But this may be too difficult for many today who have a holier-than-thou mentality & are constantly judging others. Don’t forget that the person you looked down on may be in Paradise before you if the Almighty wills.

#48 The Almighty’s attention to detail is like no other! He is perfection. So why should you worry when you have a Master Planner for your life? He’s bestowed you with so much goodness. Do your part and your Provider will give you what it takes to build a good life.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#49 Whatever you’re facing now, always remember, the Almighty would not have allowed it unless He had a purpose to it. He doesn’t just act randomly. Each trial is aimed at making you learn something, making you grow as a person. Understand His Plan and you’ll emerge stronger.

#50 Keep praying for patience & contentment. We live in such a materialistic world that it can be hard to resist stuff you see around you. Don’t be tempted to have the latest in everything; fashion, electronic gadgets, computers & cars. Spend that money on a good cause instead.

#51 Feed your faith constantly by remembering the Almighty. Focus on the good He has bestowed on you and be ever grateful. When you live a life of gratitude, you see things which a negative mind can’t. Thank Him for everything and He will grant you more.

#52 As you go about spreading goodness & lending a hand to others, remember that you’re just as important as other people. Learn to say “no” when your obligations & responsibilities get too much. Don’t spread yourself so thin that you’ll end up no good for yourself or anyone else.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#53 Always try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Have a heart. Be compassionate. Everyone has a story. Choose kindness no matter what is being dished out. Try your best to remember this when you find being compassionate is too hard for you.

#54 Thank the Almighty for closed doors in our lives. They are just as valuable as open doors. They teach us and guide us what’s not meant for us. As a result, we become stronger. Don’t think that He’s withholding things from us. It’s always done with His perfect wisdom.

#55 Always remind yourself that this life is short. It’s like a visa given to you for a temporary stay. So keep the Hereafter in mind & learn to do things which will add value to your life. Choose virtuous, righteous people as friends; those who will keep you on the straight path!

#56 Learn to take things in your stride. Ups & downs happen to everyone. Remember, we’ll all experience pain, hardship, heartache, disappointment, betrayal, loss, fear, loneliness, grief & suffering. It’s your ability to react to them correctly that will determine your life story.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#57 Quit overthinking. Learn to let things go. Things which don’t matter. You can’t change what has happened but you can decide to make today better than yesterday. Think of the blessings the Almighty has bestowed you with. Thank Him. And from a place of gratitude, go forward.

#58 Patience is a quality of the heart. The more patient you are, the better person you become. An effective way to strengthen our patience is through the link with our Creator. Don’t lose that link. Exercise patience for His sake and He won’t let you down in your darkest moments.

#59 Being too attached to this world will wear out your soul. A person who tries to please people & gain their admiration or approval will exhaust himself. It’s a tremendous waste of time as such commendations are worthless in the end. Seek the pleasure of the Almighty instead.

#60 Don’t feel proud when you’ve done a good deed. It happened because the Almighty allowed it & guided you to it. Don’t brag about it and waste all the good you’ve earned. Remember, if it weren’t for Him, none of it would have happened.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#61 Don’t quit. Don’t give up. Keep going. The road may seem long and unending but remember, when nothing is certain, anything is possible. The Lord of the Worlds can change what’s impossible! Trust Him!

#62 You may think whatever you’re going through makes no sense. Remember, you may not be able to comprehend it but the Almighty can. So pour your heart out to Him. Bit by bit, things will become clearer & your vision is not clouded anymore. He hears He sees, He knows everything.

#63 Don’t keep grudges & bad feelings in your heart. It will upset you & weigh you down. It won’t change anything & you’ll end up feeling miserable. Let it all go. Keep your heart light. Let Him take care of it. Your health will improve & your faith in the Almighty will strengthen.

#64 At times, the Almighty puts you in tough, complex situations and the path isn’t always the easiest. If you understand His Plan, you won’t be fretting about it. Remember, He doesn’t always lead us the easiest way, but in the way that will strengthen and grow us.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#65 People come in and out of your life for a reason. Nothing is by accident. It’s part of the Almighty’s Plan. Everyone will teach you a lesson. Good or bad, it’s up to you to decipher it. Not everyone you lose is a loss! Wait patiently and see what He has in store for you!

#66 You may feel like your world is crumbling. It gets worse each day. When it’s been so long & your patience is wearing thin, it’s easy to get discouraged and accept that it’s never going to work out. But the Almighty has promised He has the best plan for you. Will you not trust?

#67 Don’t let unkind people stop you from being kind. Remember, the people most in need of some kind are those who seem strangers to it. So go out of your way to be kind to those most in need of our kindness, the unkind people of the world.

#68 Never take your faith for granted. There are millions out there waiting for guidance yet the Almighty chose you by His Mercy. Work on yourself constantly by improving and trying to be better than what you were yesterday. Thank Him for all that He has blessed you with.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#69 No matter how hard you think your life is, No matter how much you’re suffering, No matter how dark your days are, No matter how sad & broken you feel, remember this, The Almighty has promised that nothing lasts! Keep going. The road to Paradise is full of stumbling blocks.

#70 Recognize when things no longer serve a purpose. You let them go not because of arrogance or pride but because they don’t fit into your life anymore. So close the chapter, learn the lessons and shake off the dust. Don’t waste your life. Move on.

#71 Don’t take this life for granted. Here today, gone tomorrow is real and many of us have seen it happen to our loved ones and close friends. We never know when our time will be up. So forgive, spread goodness and pray that the Almighty takes us when He is most pleased with us.

#72 When you call upon the Almighty, always be certain that He will answer. Know in your hearts that He will respond in one way or another. In fact, He already knew even before you asked Him. Don’t supplicate with an attitude of doubt and uncertainty. Have firm belief & trust Him.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#73 Remember that kindness is a strength. It’s not easy being kind, especially to those who are rude to you. On the other hand, being rude is easy. But it shows a sign of weakness. So choose to be strong and choose to leave a trail of kindness and goodness wherever you go.

#74 You can be the most successful person around but if you have no humility, you won’t go far. There are many out there who strut around behaving like they own the world. It’s a shame that those with less to boast about, do it the most. Such is the state of society today.

#75 You keep sinning & He keeps forgiving! That’s a fact. For as long as you’re repenting & turning back to Him, that’s all that matters. You may have broken your promise to the Almighty hundreds of times, but His Mercy is limitless & He is always waiting to forgive! Again & again!

#76 We emphasize so much  on external beauty that we often neglect our internal self. Remember, the Almighty looks at the state of our hearts. He doesn’t look at our figure nor the attire. So before hearts become diseased, ugly and unhealthy, let us strive to purify them.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#77 Almighty. I trust You through my pain, my suffering, my heartache, my sadness, my confusion, my heedlessness. I know Your Mercy overpowers Your Wrath. That’s why I never lose hope, despite my sins and my transgressions, I trust You. I thank You for always being there for me.

#78 Do you ever feel stuck? Like being in a rut; a life filled with regrets, whys, and what-ifs playing back and forth in your mind? It’s the work of Satan. The Almighty wants you back on the path, no matter how far you’ve deviated. His everlasting Mercy awaits you. Turn to Him.

#79 The best arguments are those that you avoid. Try your best to stay out of arguing when it’s worthless and can lead to enmity. But they can be commendable when they are intended to show the truth or to direct others to the truth. Choose your battles wisely!

#80 Don’t waste your good deeds by showing off or reminding others what you’ve done. You should do it sincerely for the sake of the Almighty; without being stingy or afraid that it would decrease your wealth. And never look down upon any charity, no matter how small it may be.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#81 People tend to follow the crowd. They think if everyone else is doing it, there must be something to it. They don’t want to miss out on whatever it is. Stop! Many in the crowd actually don’t know why they’re there. Be unique. Be yourself. Be a leader.

#82 Non-stop complaining to anyone who’ll listen to you while at the same time wallowing in self-pity & negativity is wrong. More so if you have no desire to solve the matter. Instead, try choosing thoughts that will lead to a solution. Remember the blessings He has bestowed on us.

#83 Understand that disappointment is not a bad thing. When something we dislike happens, we think it’s a mistake. We get upset. We forget that the Almighty is in control. He sees things we don’t. The bigger picture will emerge soon and we will thank Him for His Infinite Wisdom.

#84 Are you experiencing something that appears to have no solution. You feel almost certain there’s no way out. Remember, don’t consider your circumstances, consider what the Almighty can do. He knows things which we don’t. He is the Owner of Miracles. Nothing is impossible!

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#85 Family interference is one of the reasons why marriages fail. When spouses share personal or internal problems with family members, be prepared for trouble. Problems get distorted. Problems become larger than life. Try and settle your disputes without taking them to others.

#86 No matter how good you are to certain people, they may never reciprocate and treat you in the same way. Learn to accept this. It may not be easy but it’s the most logical and wise thing to do! Such is life. Don’t lose sleep over it.

#87 If you have faith in the Almighty, you don’t have to worry about anything. If it’s gone, He will replace it, if you want something, ask Him for it. If it hasn’t happened yet, then make peace with it. Remember, He wants the best for you, even if you have to learn it the hard way.

#88 Be wary when angry. When you react in anger thinking you must hurt those who hurt you, think again. In fact, you’re hurting yourself. That’s why it’s always better to calm down & act rationally later on. When you choose to react immediately, the consequences can be disastrous.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#89 We are all guests in this world. As the rule goes, all guests will have to leave sooner or later. Death is the common factor for all. If this becomes the cornerstone of our lives, then it gets easier to rid our hearts of animosity, hatred, jealousy, envy, grudge, and hostility.

#90 Let us admit that we all need love, kindness, and care to get through that tough week, the grey skies and storm clouds in life. For the times when things go wrong, when we feel lost, when everyone else appears to be doing well, know that any act of goodness goes a long way.

#91 Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking. That’s when people take a chance to do the wrong thing. It is so prevalent today, especially on social media. So many hide behind fake names and identity to smear others. Remember, the Almighty is All-Knowing.

#92 As humans, we love to plan. We plan for today, tomorrow, the future. It’s fine to plan. Dream. Hope. Pray for the best. But put your trust in the One who knows you better than you know yourself. And in the process, always remember that the Almighty is the Best of all Planners.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#93 You can forgive completely but still choose to keep a safe distance from that person to protect yourself from unwanted harm or a repeat of what happened in the first place. Forgiving doesn’t require you to embrace or interact with the one you forgave. Don’t confuse the two.

#94 Some get a big thrill from boasting about their achievements or showing off their possessions. They believe that they’re better than others. They may even end up pushing people around. That’s wrong. Remember, whatever you have, someone will have more! That’s life! Stay humble.

#95 It’s human nature to forget, overlooking the countless blessings the Almighty has bestowed on us. Yet, when the slightest thing goes wrong, we show ingratitude by grumbling, mumbling and complaining. Learn to feel complete gratitude in your heart. He’ll multiply your blessings

#96 Sincerity is a secret between a person and the Almighty. It’s a priceless trait He has placed in the hearts of some people. The ones who strive to get close to Him, doing things only for His sake and not for fame, glory, wealth and status which will be useless in the Hereafter.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#97 This world is such that it will break your heart. Without a doubt. In fact, it will even crush it if you allow it. Remember, the Almighty will never leave you in that state. He will fix it. Turn to Him, the Owner of hearts, sincerely and let Him heal you as only He knows how.

#98 Many people will tell you that they started with nothing and made it to the top through nothing but their own efforts. They exaggerate their challenges to make others feel that there’s no way they could do the same. Don’t be fooled. It’s the Almighty’s will every step of the way.

#99 The Almighty will put different people in your life to test you. The sincere, the hypocrite, the pretender, the wise, those with hidden agenda. You will learn about each one just as He had intended for you. So be wary of the company you keep. Be conscious of who’s around you.

#100 Don’t stress yourself over what people are saying about you. You can’t stop them. They’ll say what they want. But remember, they can’t prevent what the Almighty has decreed for you, no matter how hard they try. So take it easy and let them do their thing. He is All-Knowing.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#101 Almost daily, we hear of senseless killings, bombings, natural disasters & accidents where many lose their lives. We’re always saddened by such news and feel helpless. We sympathize with the affected families and pray for them. May the Almighty protect us & have mercy on us all.

#102 If you’re among the guided ones and you’re now doing what the Almighty has asked of you, count your blessings. Don’t look down on those who are not there yet. Instead, be patient and pray for them. Don’t give up on people. Remember, the Almighty guides whom He wills.

#103 Stop stressing when others give up on you, walk out on you and turn their backs on you. It’s not the end of the world! The Almighty will see to it that you weather the storms in life if you bear beautiful patience and trust Him. Don’t hesitate.

#104 Don’t let the opinion of others steal your confidence or cause you to cut back on whatever good you’re doing. Let them say what they want because you can’t stop people from speaking their minds. Remember at the end of the day, only the Almighty’s judgement matters

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#105 Forgiveness can be more challenging with family because deeper emotions are involved when a family member hurts us. Choosing not to forgive & breaking ties of kinship is wrong. So do the right thing & forgive because forgiveness helps both sides! It’ll give you peace of mind.

#106 We all face challenges in life. And at times, it can feel like those challenges may just beat you down. But if you want something, you have to keep going. Don’t let the idea of quitting enter your mind; stay strong. The people who win in life are the ones who don’t quit.

#107 Do you suffer from the disease where you constantly seek the approval of others? People-pleasers are the go-to person who will always change their plans at a moment’s notice. The one who will always say yes. The one who never says no. If you are, it’s time to rethink your life!

#108 Gossip is verbal poison. It seeks to defame & discredit others. It’s hurtful & dangerous. It’s the quickest way to destroy trust and friendships. Don’t take it lightly. You may think it’s harmless but you’re actually ruining someone’s reputation. You’ll pay a high price for it.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#109 You may think that you’ve wasted so many years of your precious life having turned away form the Almighty. Don’t go down that road. Don’t think that way. The Almighty can restore all those years once you’ve turned to Him sincerely. Nothing is ever wasted where He is concerned.

#110 Be less quick to react to people or situations. Often, they are powerless when you are less reactive. When people provoke you, try distancing yourself from them. They want you to lose your cool & get angry. Don’t give in to them. Train yourself to stay calm instead.

#111 You’re disappointed not because of other people’s behavior but because of your own expectations. Accept the fact that people will let you down. Time and again. They’ll show you their true colors eventually. Learn to expect only from the One who made you. He always delivers

#112 Don’t take those closest to you for granted. They’re humans too and need to know they’re appreciated and cherished. Don’t just assume they know how you feel. Tell them using the kindest and most loving words. Remind them that they’re a blessing in your life.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#113 Everything in life is in a state of change. Nothing stays constant. The Almighty is the only One who remains entirely consistent. So learn not to put your hope and trust in people or circumstances. They can change anytime. Give your all to the Almighty.

#114 Many want to marry but they forget that staying married is hard work. It doesn’t just happen. “Easy” was never part of the agreement. Don’t think divorce is the easy way out because it isn’t. Work hard at your marriage. Remember, everything in life improves when we work at it.

#115 Whatever you’re going through; disappointment, struggles, challenges will all make sense eventually. You just have to be patient. When it happens, you’ll be so thankful that you didn’t quit or give up. The Almighty only wants what is best for you in the end.

#116 Not everyone will understand your journey, the path you’re taking. That’s ok. You’re not alone. Not everyone will understand your vision and goals. That’s ok because the Almighty does. He gave you those dreams. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

mufti menk quotes on life - islamic quotes and sayings

#117 The way you treat your parents says a lot about you as a person. Some of us are more mature than others. But it’s never easy, there’s always a rough patch because we are only human. Your parents just want to see you do things they couldn’t do. Be the best child you can be.

#118 It doesn’t matter if everyone else is doing it. You don’t have to be part of that crowd. It will get you nowhere. Let go of the need to compare yourself with everyone else. Do what matters most in your life. After all it is your life; you’re not living someone else’s life!

#119 Before pointing a finger, nitpicking on others or condemning another person’s shortcomings, do remember that we’re all sinners. No one is perfect. We are all answerable to our Creator. He is All-Knowing. So choose to advise with wisdom & patience over exposing people’s faults!

#120 Never doubt what the Almighty can do. The Lord of the Worlds can change things in the blink of an eye. So don’t stress over your current situation. He can replace what you’ve lost. He can suddenly open doors you never dreamed would open. Your job is to trust Him.

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